• Getaway

    Sunday, October 27, 2013


    When a whirlwind of a year, even a decade, catches up, and he mentions it hopeful; some time slipped in just for us.  He speaks of spice, sun and far-away lands. I smile sweetly and say a flight away makes this mama's heart flutter a little with nerves.  He talks all hushed-like to the Grandma, about leaving our brood for a whole lot of days, then comes up with a plan just steps away from home. Far enough though, to not hear the busyness of home or the loads of laundry pilling up and the demands left behind.

    We packed our hiking boots worn from days long ago, newlywed boots I call 'em, and took the time needed, to get rested, rejuvenated and reconnected.  

    We had the leisure  to hold hands,  laugh together - long and lovely,  he listened to my heart and me of his.  We smiled at each other, we prayed together, read the paper and books, we hiked mountains and sailed through mountain lakes, took high tea-high in the alps, dined in a way long forgotten with the appearance of babes, slow and tasteful, unrushed for a whole week of meals and pleasures.  

    I was reminded of the depth of love we share for each other. It hasn't all been Rocky Mountain holidays and exhilaration, much investment has been given to our eleven years of marriage. There has been many challenges over the years of two becoming one. Thankfully our commitment to each other has grown with our love.  

     I came home feeling the blush of a newlywed

    and the

    Blessedness of a bride,

    the  taste of the sweetness of time,

    Lived and shared together.