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    Monday, October 21, 2013


    July slipped away with summer and a stunning Autumn has come and nearly gone since I have found time to update these pages. A good break helped me get caught up on so many of my to-do's. One being the simple updates this blog so desperately needed! Our 'About Us' page is now updated with the two latest baby additions! I will post our 'About Us' column here for now. Along with some quick photos we took this weekend, finally we are all in one shot at one time!


    About Us

    Beatific is a journal, pages I fill with memories and moments of our life.

    I am forever searching for miracles garbed in simplicity, I have come to know my Heavenly Father's love though his extraordinary displays of beauty in life's ordinary details.

    Daily I am swept up in his kindness as he gently leads me closer to his heart, there I have found wide open spaces of peace and joy.

    He has lead me to the one and only man I have loved, kissed and called husband, together we have filled our home with babies... five of my life's most divine accomplishments. When I look into their eyes I know who I was made to be, their Mother, a purposeful servant leading them to God, counting every moment of these years as precious.

    Trepid in my own strengths I humbly embrace God guiding me to be an expression of his love and grace to my husband and children.

    This journey of faith is not always easy, I consistently bump into my short-fallings and heartaches, this is my true-life living, vulnerably scripted into this space.

    Embracing the ancient arts of femininity, beauty, creating a home, natural childbirth, thoughtful parenting, gentle and focused living and a wife desired by her husband.

     Our life has lead us to live in Asia, West Africa and now we are home in the vast wilderness of the Canadian Rockies.
    A women of gently grace gains respect. Proverbs 11:16