• Immanuel

    Friday, January 11, 2013

    During a holiday concert a quartet of strings filled twilight with Immanuel’s notes and my soul heard heaven, “this is a year of Immanuel”

    Immanuel, God is with us

    On the third of this new-year our Dearly Loved Grandma lived her last, hers was a life lived well, blessed and full, yet is there a blessing in the bitter sting of death?

    She is with God.
    God is with us.

    Work weeks alone filled months with months still stretching ahead and the lonely crept in. A crippling ache. And my mantra became Immanuel, Immanuel, Immanuel here! Immanuel now!  God is here, God is now. Lonely weighed heavy after holidays filled with family and I kept whispering it Immanuel, Immanuel, Immanuel. I was breathing my Immanuel prayer when the phone rang and the familiar voice of my distant love filled that lonely with a story laced, tied up with Divine grace, an overbooking mistake made by his company, No Room at the Inn, and my heart beats wild and fast, he’s coming home for a month, maybe more!


    God is with me!


    Today snow falls, stifling the noise of the world and an early morning link fills my home with Immanuel.

    Beauty in Immanuel

    God is with me.

    He is with me in death, during the desperate lonely, heart aches, while snow is draped in silence, as quartet strings out beauty,

    He is with me

    Because when it is all set and done, the last word is

    God With Us
    Isaiah 8:10