• British Country

    Wednesday, January 23, 2013

    I love how the British decorate, everything pieced together in an uniform way. It is the look of undecorated charm, I like that.

    Every month I splurge on the British addition of County Living Magazine. I devour the picture and articles from cover to cover, while sipping tea under a comfy quilt of course!

    In the shop I buy this imported magazine, they also carry an array of tempting trinkets, I had my eye on two gorgeous organic blankets (made in Britain)   for months and month, and though I loved them I could not justify the price. Last week when I was in the shop the blankets were on sale, the price had fallen so low I could afford them! At fifteen dollars a piece I bought them guilt free! And my twinsy-babes have been swaddled snuggly in British style since.

    As for my laundry room overhaul all is well... I am covered in dust and paint and excitement!  
    As the dust settles I can see glimpses of beauty and charm!