• Miss C.Mason

    Thursday, June 16, 2011

    I found her heart in the District of the Lakes. I touched her work, her genius, and her abounding inspiration.
    I was generously allotted a few mornings uninterrupted to scour a library full of her works and works of her students. My fingers danced along the lines of unpublished un-displayed Charlotte Mason treasures. To see her philosophies on page, in the workbooks of her students, to experience tangibly C. Mason’s standard of beauty and excellence in the products of her educated, will forever be a gift to my life as a person and teacher.

    I continue to humbly receive the blessings of Charlottes teaching philosophies and the aspiration she continues to share with Mothers and Teachers.

    A dripping sky procrastinated my search for Miss Mason’s final resting-place. Reluctantly on my final evening I romped through the rain and was rewarded by a warm glinting break of sun shinning directly above.

    Beneath the shade of majesty I found her final mark on the world, written with all honour due and testifying boldly for history to read

    ~ lies her life and destiny ~

    In Loving Memory of
    Charlotte Maria Shaw Mason
    Born January 1 1842 Died January 16 1923

    “Thine eyes shall see the King in his beauty”

    Founder of the Parent’s National Education Union, The Parent’s Union School & The House of Education.
    She devoted her life to the work of education believing that children are dear to our Heavenly Father and that they are a precious national possession.

    “Education is an Atmosphere, a Discipline, a Life“
    “ I Am. I Can. I Ought. I Will. “
    “For the Children’s Sake.”

    Charlotte your love for God, Children, Nature and Quality Education continues to gift generations with insight, inspiration and direction. Your wisdom has helped form a life I am humbled and blessed to live.
    I am eternally thankful.