• Dear Beatrix

    Monday, June 13, 2011

    Northward into a greener damper world of the Lakes, home too geniuses of pasts.

    A long visit at Hill Top Farm with all the imaginary wonder that as a child I could have mustered… and a wee bit more!

    Nooks, crannies, gardens, pets, lands and views that inspired much loved children’s fables were brought vividly alive.

    Beyond the fanciful childlike characters we found a kindred women, thoughtful, bright and challenging.

    It will be an experience that stays with us for some time, bringing to life the magic Tom, Peter and Hunka-Munka.

    (I am writing from home ~ settling sweetly back into my House of Dreams. Excuse my long pause on these pages, my babes needed assistance during their cross continent time changes, I linger over the joy of being home ~ For Good ~ letting permanency seep straight into my heart. I hope to finish up my journal of travels and then get on to all the beauty that is taking place around me… )