• Peace on my Knees

    Friday, October 15, 2010

    I think I may have spoken to soon. ‘Plunking’ down has required a whole lot more tenacity then expected these last few days. My hours have slipped through the grime of frustration.

    1) I was up sick during the night. Slept through my 6a.m routine which left me rushing to gain on lost hours.
    2) Lachlan fell from my bed onto an unforgiving tile floor, his sobs broke my heart.
    3) My freezer failed and rotted my precious supply of organic grains.
    4) Roger worked late.
    5) Caught the tail end of the film ‘Power of One’, cried because of how shallow my life seems.
    6) Spent hours face down for our dearest friend who is having brain surgery today.
    7) Feel so far way.

    I will continue to

    1) Have a nap and drink some tea.
    2) Cuddle Lachlan.
    3) Hope for care packages filled with whole grains.
    4) Praise with thanksgiving that Roger is a diligent employee.
    5) Pray to have the heart of Christ and the boldness to follow.
    6) Spend my day on my knees petitioning for wholeness for a friend, shed tears for them.
    7) Know that prayers cover distance and Canada is just a few flights away.
    8) Look forward to the weekend…