• Market Time

    Saturday, October 2, 2010

    We went to the local market this afternoon. Here are just a few things we saw and 'snapped' (African term for taking a photo.) The things in these pictures seem so normal to me. It was not until I returned home and was looking through the photo's with my Canadian eyes I once again realized what a difference there is between the cultures and lifestyles of North America/Africa. Of course I feel blessed to be Canadian as do most Nigerians feel proud to be Nigerian. Just this week I was chatting with a VERY wealthy educated Nigerian who once immigrated to Canada. He only lasted a few months before he returned to Nigeria "his home" as he said while the stars of patriotism danced in his African eyes. I have come to believe that home is so much based on bias or what is familiar to us, home is more about what culture we fit into and and what seems right to us.

    Hope you are having a colourful weekend...I have heard Canada is falling with Autumn beauty. If any of you have a picture of a tree that is warming your soul with seasonal colour. Could you, would you share your natural wealth by sending me a picture of it? I would love you forever...truly I would!