• In My Tin

    Friday, October 29, 2010

    Just wanted to check in and say a quick hello. My Internet has just returned after a few day absence. Speaking of absence I am on my third day of husband missing. He is up in a part of world that requires armoured vehicles and big guns! Last night our evening call was interrupted because the security helicopter was landing on the compound for the night. I asked Roger that in the case of an emergency (like a bomb going off) which five people would be the ones to get dibbs on the helicopter? I joked that I would love to see a bunch of engineers fighting (the most diplomatic race on the planet) Roger response cracked me up, "which ever one of us could through our calculators hardest"! I laughed so hard. I think that just might be a Napoleon Dynamite Skill...nunchuck skills, computer hacking skills, calculator throwing skills...

    I hope you have delights to look forward to this weekend (like the cinnamon sweetness above.) I will also hope that your Husband is safe and sound, spending his weekend with you and not in some foreign land where militia are a threat!