• Moments

    Thursday, June 10, 2010

    Above washes the world with its tears. Thousands drop drenching the spring greens. As the chorus patters out doors so the pattering of young feet can be heard. I wish for the lasting sun, an every day escape into the wall-less out door world. Where the noise of three can be stilled. And then you are given a moment to see something through the grey. The newly opened eyes of a babe. Looking for the first deep gaze of love, searching his world after weeks of constant slumber. A moment caught between a sister and her littlest, a kiss. Another quiet-thinking- reading in a world of her own. A mother’s heart swells, beautiful moments, gone in seconds, vanished except through memory. The seconds tick by, I hear them constant in my heart. I pray these days of young do not pass into the grey, I pray I cherish and don’t waist. I pray the wishing for sunshine and peace would not dominate my thinking, rather praise, rain or sun.