• Bath Time

    Wednesday, June 2, 2010

    It has been a beautiful week drinking in the pleasantry of new-born life. I love the first week, with magic hanging all around! I wanted and tried to hold my breath as time moved forward. It all goes so fast these first moments. I have been blessed to spend this week escaped from life simply drinking in my son. Most moments all five of us were slithered together in my queen size cuddling the babe. It was perfect!

    Yesterday we had to leave the nest to bring Lachlan to his Dr. appointment. I bathed him for his first outing. I think baby bath time will be a grand advent around here. We had four camera’s shooting from all angles…

    He has gained a good ‘man-size’ amount of weight. The Dr. praised his broad shoulders. My heart fluttered at the praise…my boy has broad shoulders!

    When we got home I realised he had a fresh clean belly button. I cried, joy and sadness. He is now a week- already changed. His first days end with a declaration: the boy has captured us completely…

    These were taking of his bath at the hospital. I am sure you are as eager as me to see my screaming-naked baby!