• Gifts and Guests

    Friday, June 4, 2010

    I love it when afternoons are given away gladly to visiting, stories, friendship. Sometimes there are people in your life that thankfulness abounds because they are part of you. We have those people, many people. Yesterday some of those people filled our home.

    Just weeks before Roger was born, his Dad tragically passed away. He was born in a time of sorrow bringing peace to those grieving, filling the arms of emptiness. The love and bond he has with his mother is powerful, one I have always admired. I know the two of them journeyed many hours of tears together. Growing up Roger craved his Dad’s family, spending every moment he could at his grandparents and every summer with his Uncles. He lost a father and gained more. His uncles spent the time raising Roger in the ways of the Smith family. Instilling in him qualities his Dad would have wanted in his son, those of a cowboy, work ethic, love for country living, manliness lost to our society, and a natural love for God. They passed down stories of his father, valued by us more precious then gold. I know Roger is who he is because of the people God brought to him in his loss. I have heard a hundred times since falling in love with ‘my’ Stanley, that he is just like his Dad. He walks like him, has the same lop-sided smile, a peacemaker, same ‘conquer all’ spirit and is a worshiper just like his Daddy Stan.

    My son now holds the name of his Grandpa, the name his Daddy proudly carried all these years, and was honoured to pass it on to his own boy. Our prayer is our son will live in the strength of his heritage. Gleaning from the stories of his Grandpa Stanley. Living on his shoulders. The way Roger has, placed there by his uncles, mother and grandparents.

    One of Roger’s Uncles came to visit and brought a gift...his Dad’s pilot's license and a picture of his Dad flying his airplane. A cherished gift, an heirloom, a treasure for life.

    Ofcourse they came with thoughtful presents for each...