• Little Red Ridding Hood's Halloween Adventures

    Sunday, November 1, 2009

    As you can see the girls were little red ridding hood. When I put together my shipment the thought of Halloween costumes never even fluttered through my mind. So last week when emails started going out about Halloween advents taking place, I scrambled to think of something for the girls to wear. I sent my house help out to the mainland market to hunt me down some non African material...hours later she returned with exactly what I was looking for. Marion and Davina looked the part perfectly...if only Roger were around to be the wolf! Nahh he would have been the brave woodsman...and I probably would have been dubbed the wolf!
    The girls were having a blast until we got to the fifth floor and Marion was struck with one of her wild ear aches. She begged me to take her home, and for Marion to give up free candy was proof enough of her pain. Marion and I were up half the night fighting yet another illness! What's up with this sickness marathon? Today when I went to my box of herbs to make her up a concoction, there were bugs in every bag! Goodness me...I almost swore...if you see a S.O.S flag flying over Nigeria...it's me wanting to go home, where there are health food stores and good hospitals!

    Any way, enough complaining! Pictures from last night...

    Parental Paparazzi and cute characters.

    The End.