Thursday, November 19, 2009

    Good morning my good friends. It has been an unusually long time since I have written here. I am not dead! Quite the opposite…I have been busy growing a baby! A third little one is well on it’s way to joining our family. It was very hard these last months keeping this lovely secret hidden from you and our families. We shared the joy with the girls last weekend; the memory of their jubilant faces will linger near my heart forever.
    Roger and I’s hearts ache with the blessing, are their even words to explain this feeling of joy. We feel amazed that we are having another baby as if it is too good to be true. We have been given two perfectly heavenly children, to be granted another, is to us the most cherished gift heaven could give.
    I must admit my natural excited pregnancy energy has been thwarted, by the extreme nausea and sickness I have experienced these last three months. I have been nearly bed-ridden, and have only survived because of the generous care Roger has been providing the girls and me. Also my two dear friends here in Nigeria have cooked all our meals these last weeks. This gracious service they have willing given our family has kept us afloat…Thank you so much gals!!! I was feeling much better for a few days and even managed to get the backlog of laundry done. Today I am down and out again. It’s all worth it though…nothing like a sickness with a glorious out-come!

    Our wonderful news spilled at last.

    Until I am well enough to live my life my blog might be a tad sparse on news.

    I am headed back to bed; please have a lovely day for me.