• Further conversations with a two year old

    Monday, September 14, 2009

    Mommy: “Davina, say thank you to Marion”

    Davina: “Thank you, Mafufui”

    Mommy: “O.K that is very funny, but you need to obey Mommy and say thank you politely!”

    Davina: Thank you LALA”

    Mommy: “Say thank you MARION or you going to your bed!”

    Davina: “Tememo uplo Marion”

    Mommy: “O.K, fine, time out girl!

    Davina: “I said Marion! I can get out of bed all by my self!”

    Mommy: “Davina if you get out of your bed you will get in big trouble!”

    Davina: “I will be an astronaut and go to outer space”

    Mommy: “(Thinks) GO AHEAD! (Says) Stay put in your bed young lady!”

    Davina: Shrieks loudly from her room.

    Mommy: Runs quickly to her room.

    Davina: “I need my Dad! He needs to go to France!”

    Mommy: Needs Daddy to take Davina to France! Now!

    You better come home Mr. or else I may turn into this!