• Villa

    Sunday, September 27, 2009

    As I sit and write the sun is dancing through the vine leaves that creep along the stone wall that hedge the garden. The mountains in the distance are darkening as the sun slips in the sky. Autumn is whispering in the colours of the trees and in the fresh breeze, the air is perfumed with late summer spice. I hardly can imagine I am here, sitting, drinking in the details of nature and home. Roger found this villa tucked in and away from the popular tourist path. Large trees line the long drive, stone walls broken by blue shutters and wooden windows, white quilts and an outdoor dining room. Romance and relaxation beacon you to eat, sleep and be merry.

    Last night we arrived and greeted our wonderful Milner parents, more than excitement filled our conversations over dinner, plans were made. Early to bed and early to rise, I watched as dawn made an entrance in mist. The golden warmth set stage to the crystal dew hanging from the hundreds of silky webs made new in night. We were off to a market in Isle-sur-Sorge, every street in this old town was lined with sellers objects. Most extraordinary! Oh, the antique furniture I could have bought! Wish my suitcases had the magic of Mary Poppins! I think I decorated my dream home a few times over! I did find some treasure…a beautiful quilt, to fill me with warmth and memories in days away from Provence. Bright coloured produce provided by local farmers, ripe with taste to fill our dinner plates. Wine. Lavender. Flowers. Memories.

    Dinner was outdoors, candle lit to give room to the changing of day into night. The food was perfection the company wonderful…Provence welcomed me in my language of beauty. Inviting me to enjoy…

    I except!