• Two weeks till I go home!

    Sunday, April 19, 2009

    I would like to think I am nice enough to have given you a week to recover from my onslaught of pictures last week… but really our internet has been down all week and could not even check email. It was happy-dancing mood yesterday morning when we were finally able to reach the outside world!

    This week has been a preparation for leaving week…making meals for my hunny…so he will keep eating while I am away.
    Doing inventory, planning my annual shopping lists, booking Dr. appointments, planning, planning, and planning.

    We did break away to go to the beach. We all had cabin fever from sticking close to home for Davina’s sake. Roger and I both felt that to get out of the city would keep us from going crazy. It worked. We are feeling refreshed and energised.

    Fresh coconuts for lunch.

    Buying table cloths to bring home to family.

    Marion, talking the ear off our driver.

    She was telling the story of adventure, heartache, fear and relief. All from her personal experience earlier this week. I was making the beds on the far side of the house one morning. Marion came into my room and said she could not find Davina anywhere and that the front door was open! I rushed to the front door then I did a quick search of the house...Davina was gone! I started searching for Davina on our floor. When I did not see her I said to Marion you go to the next floor up and I will go down. Marion picked up on my urgency and fear in my voice. She obeyed me and went up while I went down. Davina was not on any of the lower floors, luckily my gardener had come to water, saw our door ajar, heard me calling for Davina, he shouted he was going to the top floors to look. He found her on the sixth floor. In her purple nightie, polk-a-dot boots, and back-pack! Marion gathered Davina passionately in her arms kissing her and saying "Davina you made me think you were in danger, oh Davina I love you!" Because I could not separate Marion from her baby sister I passionately gathered them both in my arms kissing them and saying "oh Davina I thought you were in danger...never...ever...do that to Mommy again!"

    Davina looked at us with a puzzled expression on her face, a look that said, she was not in danger, she knew exactly where she was!