• Making my list...checking it twice

    Wednesday, April 22, 2009

    Today I am going over my annual shipment lists. Once a year when I am back in Canada I put together a years worth of supplies and ship it to Nigeria. We will bring in almost everything we will use this year. Food, clothing, household items, birthday and Christmas gifts, gifts for any party we will attend, school books, play things and any other thing we might possibly need. It is a lot to think of and plan for. Davina will be changing from nursery furniture to toddler furniture. It is a big task thinking of all the things the girls might need for growth this coming year. Last year I brought what I thought would be enough books to last me two years has barely last me this year... I hope to bring around sixty to a hundred books back to Nigeria... This is our only chance to get anything and everything we would need for this up and coming year. Sounds like fun and overwhelming seeing as I want to get it all bought and shipped in two weeks!

    My Mom gave me the great idea of putting all my lists in a binder with dividers of each store I will need shop at. Then divide the lists for each store into sections such as food, paper and crafts, clothing ext.ext. Then when I arrive at the store I can be certain of what needs to be purchased. This has been a big help even with planning. To sit down and think of everything you would need to buy from a department store can be intimidating...but to sit and think in categories, is much easier.
    The girls are napping, I have made some tea, I am going to sit down with my pretty green binder full of lists and go over each item...hopefully not forgetting anything of importance!