• The size of Texas

    Thursday, April 2, 2009

    Good Morning

    I have a faint moment this early morning to write the joys of last evening...

    It starts with Davina; where most epic stories in this family start...
    Swimming lessons took a bit longer last night so Roger took Davina home to have some quality one on one time playing trains (her favorite). Roger took off Davina's wet swim suite and let her play alfresco (which is her favorite) the problem started when the phone rang and Roger went to get it. With his manly abilities to focus on only one thing at once he forgot our two year old was naked and free from the watchful eye of a parent!
    When I returned home A very white and some what queasy Roger meet me with news of a gigantic poo on Marion's bedroom floor! I made it clear that I covered the pee in Westminster Abby and he gets the poo in the bedroom...I did check it out and it was nearly the size of Texas! Roger spent the next while cleaning but could not figure out why the smell would not leave the room. When we did a bit of extra investigation in the kitchen sink of Marion's toy kitchen rested a toy broom and dust pan covered in poo! Davina had made her own attempts to clean up her mess...what a thoughtful baby!