• Italy 3: Siena

    Friday, November 7, 2008

    Wednesday is market day in Siena. So naturally we went to Siena this morning and let me tell you what a market it was! Clothing, nick-nacks, food, flowers, paintings, jewellery, and furniture. It was amazing. I have not ‘shopped’ for five months so I had a lot to get out of my system and did I ever enjoy finding some treasures. I also found some wonderful sweaters (I just love the Italian styles). Roger thoughtfully took the girls while I meandered through the stalls...it was a wonderful way to spend the morning. We all met at the park at noon and walked through some charming windy cobble stone streets to the city centre. There we had a leisure out door lunch taking in the buildings, sounds and smells, and people watched. I wish we had more time to spend in Siena. There were a lot more places we wanted to explore, but we needed to head off as we had booked a wine tour. We went to the winery of CASANOVA DI NERI. Voted one of the best wines world-wide. It was incredible to see how wine is made and how artistic you need to be to create such fine wine. We got a tour of the farm, the cellars, and wine tasting. We purchased some bottles and are now sitting around drinking the wine (it sure tastes good knowing where and how it is made)

    Another wonderful day, I am wishing time could stand still. There are just too many wonderful places and things to experience here in Italy. I am already saying “when I return”. The wine tour was perfect I am so glad we had a chance to experience that. I will now forever be on the hunt for this familiar wine and on that note I am going to go back to sipping fine wine and having fine conversation with my handsome husband and wonderful parents...thank you for the wine Dad!

    Piazza Campo in Siena.

    The best part about Siena was having lunch in the beautiful piazza.

    Mom and Dad pretending to be Sienese.

    Market where Rose found her treasures.

    View from the fortress.

    Siena was one of the wealthiest towns in Italy during the middle ages...the Duomo shows that off.

    Davina attacking her gelatto.

    At the Winery in Motalcino.

    This winery produces Brunello which is like a Cabernet but must be in barrels for 5 years before it can be sold.

    This is Montepulciano, one of the highest towns in Southern Tuscany and also known for its wines. The inside of the city is as beautiful as the outside...

    ...but Montepulciano wasn't so wealthy. They ran out of money before they could finish the facade on the Duomo.

    Grand Piazza at dusk.