• Italy 2: Medieval Cities

    Friday, November 7, 2008

    This is the third day of our travels through Italy. We are still basking in the loveliness of Tuscany. Yesterday was another incredible day of castle exploration! We drove through the loveliest of country sides letting the beauty soak into our souls. Roger, Marion and I conversed the whole hour about dreams of country living, castles and ancient times. What imagination young children have! I think though that imagination must visit all that travel these ancient cities of Italy. We spent the afternoon wondering the streets of an old castle/city called San Gimingano. Very little has changed in this city over the last centuries. It was so rich with history you could almost feel what it must have been like to live back in time. Marion was riveted with the idea of kings and queens, balls and central squares, watch towers and courtyards. This is the age where little girls really love the thrill of a dramatic story of princess, balls, heroes and of course a knight in shining armour. With sparkling eyes Marion walks the streets of these cities, I know in her mind history is making its stamp of interest. Italians have done an amazing job at not making these cities into museums, we are still able to walk everywhere, explore the windy backways and stand in the watchtowers.

    Dad and Mom Milner arrived last night. Oh to have family around me! It has been much to long with out any of our dear family. Marion said in the morning before they arrived “what is taking Grandpa and Grandma so long to get here”. Dad and Mom were hardly in the door before Marion had her ‘gold-bug’ book out and being read to by grandma. Davina kept saying ‘bampa’, ‘bampa’, ‘bampa’! It was a wonderful moment being with them finally here in Tuscany, Italy. We have been dreaming of this trip for a year and a huge part of the hope was that Dad and Mom would join us. Now alas another dream is been fulfilled!

    We love you Dad and Mom; thank-you so much for coming with us on this trip, it would be half as wonderful without you here! France next year right?!

    Today I woke to the sounds of wind and rain. I know most people do not want blustery weather during holidays but for me I was thrilled. Oh the cosiness of fall blusters! I promise Dad and Mom to wish for sun tomorrow but for today I will enjoy the cool and think about my dear Victorian Island. We are going to a little hill top town this afternoon to grab a cappuccino and biscotie, do some treasure shopping and exploring.

    Main strip of San Gimingano.

    View from the fortress.

    Medieval sky skrapers.

    Marion plays in an olive tree.

    Rosaleen picks from the almond tree at our villa.