• Welcome

    Wednesday, January 28, 2015

    Some time ago, amidst the mid of summer’s heat, humidity and full abundant greenery, Roger brought me south, sweetly coaxing me away from a home I loved, that dear home in the mountains with character and tranquility and a whole host of beautiful memories. 

    We rented a car and grabbed a coffee and talked me through the nervousness of the day ahead 
    ‘what, just what would we do if we couldn’t find the right, perfectly right home’? 
    I’m a home person, he knew and I knew it wouldn’t work, just wouldn’t work for me or the children to be moved into a suburb of a huge American city. 

    I listed it out, all the unusual requests for land and home, trees and shrubs,
     some manicured but mostly wild overgrowth, 
    a few plots of dirt, spots to plant and watch roots grow strong,
     birds and quiet to hear them sing, 
    walking paths, and wildlife. 

    And the house… 
    windows, giving view to the seasons, bedrooms because bedrooms are nice, 
    wood floors - this family doesn’t do nice things to carpet,
     lots of walls - walls can have bookshelves and bookshelves can have books, 
    with character all about, 
    Texas homes are big, awfully big, but they lack what I love, charm. 
    He tried to sound assuring, “lets just see how the day goes, we have a long list of potential homes, and, and we can always renovate, add rooms, walls, windows even character”. 

    I didn’t really know where we were when he turned off that busy street, driving into a peaceful neighbourhood with country homes and long white fences, 
    when we rounded the bend and I saw a doe with three dotted fawns grazing in a front yard and behind the deer was the sweetest home with gables and a wide front veranda. 
    I was just thinking how happy I would be if we were able to find a home as welcoming as this one, 
    Roger interrupted my moment of longing by saying this was the very house we were going to look at! 

    I knew it was the one. 

    We both did. 

    He smiled and I cried and we both laughed. 

    It had all the character I was looking for, we did renovate… a lot! 
    But thats another story for the inside to tell. 
    Let’s stay outside today…

    It’s a small acreage; about an acre and a half of the land is landscaped and the rest is wild-woods for the children to get caught up in thousands of imaginations. 
    The whole house is embraced in flowerbeds. 
    And the trees, oh such beauty, the whispering and dancing with the glory of seasons upon their limbs.

    Everyday we have deer stroll and graze through our lawns. 
    A white fence laces the upper lawn that opens from the lane down to the home, which is sweetly inviting with the front veranda wrapping around the house. 
    Every window has shutters 
    and gables top off the charm. 

    It really is a welcoming and lovely home.
     I feel as though the Lord led us not only to a beautiful home but the right home. 
    His generous care to our needs and desires make this home so very special to each of us. 

    {Please note its the middle of winter here and on the browner side.} 

    {Corner of the Front Veranda}


    {Front steps and other side of the front veranda which wraps around to the kitchen entrance}

     {Kitchen entrance and the window to the left of the door is my laundry-room window} 

    {Side entrance leading to the kitchen door, the two windows side by side (left) is the playroom and above is Brennan's nursery window} 

    { This use to be an oversized three car garage we converted it into a one car garage and homeschool room. On the far left you can see where I park then we had the two windows and french doors installed into the previous garage bays} 

    {This use to be two garage doors, now it's the homeschool room}

    {Front Lawn} 

    {Here is a glimpse into the greenery of summer (I took these ones when we bought the house)}

    {The house trim use to be forest green, we changed it for a greyer green also we had the front door re-stained a darker brown and painted the frontdoor window casings white.}

    Thank you for allowing me to share our new house and welcome you into my new home.