• Undemanding Wonder

    Thursday, July 31, 2014


    Summer has slipped in swiftly with its beckoning leisure. 

    How sweet the simplistic joys of this season.

    Summer fruits and lemonades, 

    Bikes and bubbles.

    Wild forest blooms, picked and placed in just the right spaces.  

    Screen doors and smiling boys. 

    This is summer

    The vibrant green is growing deeper. The forest is filled out with leaves now curling with mid-summers heat.

    Days are past in pleasure.

    Each season has the sweeping poetry of heaven, matching the rhythmic needs of our souls, summer's warmth slows our pace, the murmuring of a breeze through the leaves is best observed on a quilt looking with awe at the choreography of the heavens, watching a garden sprout slowly nurturing the miracle of growth, the way the crickets and frogs sing dusk's lullabies soothing us to rest, 

    This is summer 
    A restoration of slow undemanding wonder.