• My Wild

    Thursday, July 17, 2014


    This boy, yep the one with the twinkle, the one who just became a big brother for the second time in the young of his two years.
     This one I knew was special, from the moment he was born in the deep of that mid-winter night.
     I knew he was going to grow me, up and stretch me out, fill me to the fullest. 
    He knows just how to handle the world around him. 
    In his own manner.
    He got my single minded determination and his Father’s focus.
    The lungs of a sailor with the pitch of a toddler. 
    He knows how to climb, higher then his mamas heart can handle. 
    The ability to escape like an artist. 
    Finicky taste-buds
    Crocked feet and bowed legs. 

    He is my wild.

    And I am his calm.

    Science is proving something remarkable happens neurologically during the toddler years, millions of cells die. And the cure for this brain transition is touch.  


    The power of my arms wrapping the uncertainties of his growing world in comfort. 

    This is another gentle revelation of Gods infinite wisdom. 

    That when the young demand the most of every part of us, when discipline, and time-outs, and tears and tantrums escalate and there is no cure but to collapse to the level of your little, in desperation you hope your hug will sooth this moment over. 

    You know, I am learning with this little, my wild one, that tenderness takes me further faster then furry or frustration. Maybe this was Gods way of perfectly matching a child’s needs with a mothers abilities. Us collapsing together, his frustrations melting into mine, when my only tool against the tantrum is holding him through it!  

    I am finding that the surest way back to peace, for him, for me, how to truly help him through the moments of upheaval is to display tenderness. Calming him enough to make eye contact, so he sees confidence, peace and deep love. Lowering my voice to a hush, whispering soothing words over him. Taking a steady hand to hold his, or rub his back, or take him in an embrace.

    Not giving into his whim, not caving and letting him get away with anger and tantrums, but lovingly walking him away from his frustration, leading him back to wholeness, loving him through even these moments of wild! 

    Restoration comes through touch, purposeful  and patient.