• The Kitchen: Warm Drinks

    Thursday, March 6, 2014

    Here I am with another kitchen change. This may be my favorite.
    Something to do with the correlation between a warm cup of something and the quite moments I take during my day to sit, sip and think, preferably all by myself.
    Having a place for the coffee and tea selections, all our mugs, travel mugs, and coffee makers was a bit hard to find in my kitchen until I moved our 'command station' which was located in this cupboard. Now I can not only have all the warm drink supplies in one place it is easy to locate exactly what I'm looking for.
     For me an organized space provides a beauty and calm, it makes me content, when I open this cupboard for my daily coffee it's a space that is enjoyable to use and look at.

    When I am working on organizing a space or spot in my home I approach all projects with the same few steps.
    Evaluate the space I have to work with.
    Space doesn't usually change, so what I am looking at is what I get. I have only a certain amount of space in my kitchen, this is not going to change.
    The question is how am I going to use my space most wisely?
    When evaluating the area I think of its purpose, work flow, and importance.
    Once I have thought carefully though my space I start to lay out a plan of how I am going to put things away.
    I always keep in mind work flow. Putting my most essential items at easiest reach, working out or up to the least used items.

    I only keep the things that fit.
    This is a hard one. But so worth thinking through each item you own.
    I strongly dislike it when my possessions take over, consuming unnecessary time to keep-up and weighing my spirit down with clutter and making me feel overwhelmed. I prefer to have less so I can be organized and have easy access, it frees up my time and my countenance.
    When I say fit I mean FIT, not tucked behind this and hid behind that and then crammed into an already packed drawer. Let me tell you something, if you do that you will rarely use it any-way. Out-sight-out-of-mind!
     I try to make everything visible at first glance. I like to open a cupboard, scan the shelves or drawer and know what is there. I may group things together in families and put them in a basket, but I should be able to read the label and know what is inside.
    Like the tea in the above picture. My tea is on the top shelf, all the assortments are put together in labeled baskets, herbals and blacks with the specialties on the far right. 
     Making things fit is worth the effort and the pain of getting rid of things. Donating is an ongoing activity in my home. Life changes as do our needs. What was once essential may now be no longer needed, it is time to get rid of it.
    Making space also means keeping margins between items, most of us are blessed with the 'North American' house, much larger than the homes of the past, we have space and ample amounts of it.  Do not cram things!
     Give your homes and cupboards a bit of breathing room, not only does it make things easier to up-keep it makes things look more presentable and organized.


    Once everything has a spot and the work flow is making life smoother, touch up your organized space with a little personal style.
     I like beauty, it makes me happy. I even try to make the inside of my cupboards attractive. It feels welcoming and allows for pleasure in the things I have worked hard for hard, it shows respect to my husband who has provided for me and my children and thankfulness to God as I honor him with my home and my possessions.
    I love going to the homes of others and see their character reflected in their home. Every home and every person is different and will gravitate towards different colors, patterns and feel. In that you can display your own style creatively and organized.  
    This is the fun part!
    Make your home your own, reflecting who God made you and what makes you cheerful and comfortable.