• The Kitchen: Spices

    Thursday, February 27, 2014


    Since moving into this home I have had an inefficient spice storage system. Tucked away in a basket in the pantry, spices piled on top of each other. It was frustrating to find and utilize half the spices I had. I like to use spices, it is an essential part in making flavorful healthy food. When I moved our 'command center' out of the kitchen and rearranged a few other cupboards which opened up these two drawers in our center island directly across from our stove. I do most food prep on the Island top so this is the most logical spot for my spices. Since organizing the spices I have used all my spices more readily and have enjoyed the easy access I have to them.
    I bought the jars at Dollarama.
    Labeled with my label maker.
    My spice blends are in the drawer on the right, along with my bouillon cubes and baking essence.  
    I hope you enjoy the pictures as much as I am enjoying having my spaces at my finger-tips.