• Miraculous Expectancy

    Thursday, February 6, 2014

    Another little one has made its way into our lives and heart. One more heavenly touch gifted to my Mothering journey. We found out this little one will tie up the gender balance,

    A Boy,

    making our family perfectly even, three girls, three boys.

    I am 23 weeks along,

    Sick for 16 of them.

    Tired for all 23 weeks.

    Expected to make his arrival the first week of June (a lovely month for new life)

    No names... really at six we are lost...

    I am staying somewhat on the smaller side, thankful for that, it must have to do with running after all my other littles and that I have been sugar free this whole pregnancy.

    For those wondering, this one will be born a few weeks after Lachlan turns 4, the ages of our bebes will run as fallowed

    Marion 10,

    Davina 7,

    Lachlan just 4,

    Jeriah 2.5,

    Amaris almost 2,


    On one of Roger and I's first date I mentioned (quite seriously) that I wanted a large family, around six kids, and that adoption had always been on my heart. He was the first guy to stay seated and maintain composer, not only did he finish the date, he paid the bill and asked me for another date. I took that as a sign! Later that evening he said he had always wanted half a dozen kids, three girls, three boys. Needless to say I married that handsome young man, and we have been blessed to see the dream of babies fulfilled.

    And this little one, well he is just something precious, he is not just another in the lot of Milner babies, actually the more I have the rarer and more sacred my pregnancies become. I understand this experience of bringing life into the world will only happen very few times for me personally. I am host to the Holy working within, creating a life like no other, and in return being filled with

    Miraculous Expectancy.