• Lachlan & Jeriah's Room

    Thursday, November 21, 2013

    My heart is still held in great wonder at a God who's blessing were given in boys.

    Two fine boys may I add.

    Healthy, plucky, strong and noble.

     finds his way to me early, before the sun, he puts his hand's to my cheek and whispers "Mom, are you awake,  do you want to talk about hunting or guns?”

     I know to cherish these times with my son, in those dawn breaking moments, because some day he won't come to my room, or need early morning whispers.

    can laugh, boyhood tumbling from his belly.

    When it starts its contagious, it is best just to join him on the floor and let his joy run over you. Take him, the giggles and joy onto arms and treasure a moment of child laughter.

    These are my boys

    Another thing  I am enjoying, while it lasts, is a nursery for two, a boys room to share.

    Some day it will be a smelly mess filled with beds for  lengthy teens, a place where a mother no longer treads.

    Now in this room there are treasures, a wardrobe I refinished for Roger long before he took me as his bride. A wooden train sent from relatives in Holland three decades ago, a gift for my older brother generously passed down to my boys, quilts from London, a bunting sewn from thrifted material stitched by this mama who loves details. Pictures and nick-knacks all telling a story, collected with thought, some saved long ago while my boys were still a prayer!

    When night comes and two boys get tucked in,

    lullabies and prayers,

    in a cozy room.

    I feel content and full with the love of a Mother of boys.