• In Need of Dazzling Love

    Thursday, November 7, 2013

    There is not a day that goes by that I do not think about adoption. It could be that my daughter is a visual reminder of how adoption has touched our family. It may be that adoption is a deeper calling within my role of Mothering. It may be that so often when all is quiet in the house and the world around slumbers and a silent home affords a moment for my own thoughts, I think on the vast number of displaced children we have in this world, I'm told there are millions, a numerous gathering of little faces, tiny hands, pattering feet, and expectant innocence. Millions of names, children unique and precious yet alone in the tossing current of an overwhelming statistic.

    I personally know some of those numbers, they have names, hopes, hurts, fears, laughter,  to me some in that number are friends, people I call my own. Tunde my boy across the oceans, he will be a young man soon, he has done childhood on his own, raised himself. He is the face of the brave-broken. And that little one, a girl spilling with matted curls and lice scratching about, she was feral, harsh towards any adult hand, she would glare fifteen feet from me as I placed the clean water and loaf of bread upon the sand, she stood the age of seven, had a baby on her hip and two toddlers hid behind her frail body. I asked the locals, another story of the same kind, alone, caring for the only three left alive.  What of the innocent baby we left behind in a dusty home on the equator, his child-mama crippled and desolate.

    I carry these children with me. They are part of my heartbeat, each leaving an imprint in the luxury of my freedom.

    They taught me how utterly broken this world is.

    These are names of the children of the millions.
    I listen to my daughter asleep under her hand stitched quilt, she is clothed in clean pajamas, her bottle is filled with warm organic milk. Today she was parented, peppered with a thousand displays of love, her Daddy worked hard to provide for her, and her Mama cradled her in arms, gently bathed and fed her, she had a day filled with laughter, play and security.

    As the moon rose and night's shadows danced over our home the parent's prayers surround our sleeping babies, we thank the Lord for our little treasure who was

     snatched from the fire.

     We know the promised power of prayer preserved her life from abortion, and when neglect threatened her very existence God led and placed her in a home safe and where love surrounded her. And when her brokenness came from her depth, she was in a family willing to learn the art of healing.
    During the hours of night I think of all the travesties that will be inflicted upon the young and vulnerable of our world, starvation, rejection, abuses and fears.  

    I can see a God who's tears slip freely for everyone of these orphans. Because He knows the number of hair upon their heads, He knows the stories behind their scars.  Within His heart came the words of His Holy Book, He says "I will place the lonely in families" and commissions families to care for the needs of the orphans!

    With fear I can picture our daughter if she had not been spared, living the life of one of those millions. I can imagine her alone. I can imagine another like her still left in darkness. This alters my view of life and luxury and the all-American dream. It alters my grasp on faith and the great commission,

     to love one another.

    To boldly flee the trap of self-focused comforts and embrace a little girl covered with lice, or take a teen boy home for Christmas knowing your holiday perfection will be greatly tainted, who will love the infant screaming in agony as alcohol and toxic drugs leave his body and his shrilling lasts from one sunrise to the next.

    As the body of Christ we are losing the battle against abortion and abandonment. We have cowardly ran from the fields of this battle. This year in Canada far too many babies will be born dead. This year in Canada more children will join the ranks of orphans then there are permanent families available. This year in my affluent and wealthy city the government will build another orphanage to house children, because the need for foster families is so great. This is my city, my county, these children are on my watch!
    And church, these precious young God has given us, they are our responsibility also.  As you plan and strategize to grow your congregation what about accepting  thirty-thousand waiting children that live within our county and the millions beyond our borders.

     I can see a church filled with the colours of the continents, bubbly and alive. How about sharing a pew with a few children with ADD or who were born addicted to drugs, what about a little girl saved from child slavery, she may be rough around the edges, but can I tell you a secret? They need the love of our Lord!
    Body of Christ, we are to be the dazzling light of love and holiness here to this broken world, may I suggest we all sharpen are battle tactics and face the enemy who is snatching our young from us. We must start with prayer, fervently, for the women today and tomorrow who feel the need to rid their bodies of life. We must be willing to open our homes to their young.

    Let each one of us become involved with adoption and fostering.  We can  make meals for a weary foster mom, mow the lawn for a father who has adopted a sibling group, babysit for an adoptee couple in need of some time alone, ENCOURAGE  those who have welcomed young-ones into their home,  find an adoption agency and help cover the costs of a family desperate to bring their child home from overseas.   We could fill the forms, open our arms, make room in our homes, we can foster, we can adopt, we can each start the ripples of healing in a ocean of pain.
    And if we don't we will have to answer to a great God who formed each one of these children, he sculpted them with his very heart and had to watch as darkness stole around them. And if you listen you will hear our God's tears, if you follow His leading  you will be guided to His heart, there He holds the wounds of this world and those millions of children each with a name and a destiny far above the mire they have been offered.

    Let us not be the ones who look away from their plight.

    Let this be the time in history when a bridge is built between the injustices towards children and the safety of God's love.