• Simple Celebration

    Thursday, December 6, 2012

    It was to be a simple celebration

    I am realising with five littles, simple no longer exists!

    Three with the tummy flu and the other half with a viral flu and a Mama wobbling on a broken toe.

    Yet all the germs settled just enough to have a sweet celebration for our precious one year old.

    With a clean white snow covered theme and simple the aim, we decided that this year we would implement ‘toonie’ parties, a tip off from another large family, each guest (family) brings a toonie for the celebrant and a toonie for the celebrant to donate to a cause of choice.  I love this for so many reasons. For one I am very particular about the toys my children play with, second I do not like having to many toys, I feel as though gift giving as generous as some may be has simply got out of hand and much to extravagant for children’s birthday gifts, another thing that I appreciate is that it offers a chance for my children to give back in a personal way. This was our first toonie party and I like it!  We are going to contribute Jeriah`s donations to the diaper fund at the home where Amaris lived for the first months of her life.  And to spend his gift money, well, we might take him out for ice-cream or hot chocolate, once this family is healthy again!