• One... ohhh Jeriah... One!

    Monday, December 3, 2012


    Winter hung last year’s moon low and heavy, mirroring round my belly, it’s glow reflecting across the seconds of that nights birth, our fourth, a Son! Grace, complete, filled space with the same touch of Holy as that moon. And I have been hushed in wonder as life and love have stretched golden across my heart, through those first fourteen jaundice weeks, as the yellow drained an unexplained gray crept in with that purple ring round the perfect of his lips that scared his mama so, those wondering shades of gray gave way to three months with not an ounce of growth. 
    Those trembling Father’s hands that caught you a full orbit of nights ago trembled through midnight prayers for health and whole and a life to be lived.  This night a complete count of 365 is filled with the same glorious grace and you sleep contented, heart, lungs, health, vibrant as the moons glow.

    I think, you, my fourth, just thought to stamp hard your mark upon my heart.

    You won me, fully, fully alive, every breath, the gloss of every graced gurgle, every tear lacing down those cheeks I have kissed ohhh so many times. It is only you out of all these babies that still command the nights, with your precious sigh when you have willed your way back between my sheets. It is only you that I have carried as in those nine months, slinged and snuggle against my heart whispering constant your name. It is you my fourth with that generous way that has calmly accepted a twinsy sister.  It is you as we toasted with chocolate and gifted but one brown paper package that sat calmly among your sibling’s reaches and touches and treats with golden sweet stretched across your smile.

    It is you my son whom

    I Love

    Fully and Forever



    Your life has made the grandest of happy in the deepest of my heart.