• Play Dough

    Wednesday, August 29, 2012



    Tuesday next week my little body of students resume their education, which involves my presence! I spent all last weekend tucked away in the schoolroom loft, busily preparing the school year ahead. I have decided to break our school day into two parts. In the morning I will have the little boys with us in the school room, we will tackle subjects that can be taught around distractions, such as printing, read alouds, art. Then in the afternoon when the boys are napping I will teach electives and arithmetic. Part of my school planning was thinking of ideas to occupy my toddler for the morning teaching time.

    One winning play time is play-dough

    Reserved for one morning a week

    I am sure will do the trick!

    Do you brilliant Mama’s have any toddler occupying tricks you could share with me?

    Easy Play-Dough  

    3 Cups Flour

    ¾ Cup Cornstarch

    1 ½ TBSP Cream of Tarter

    1 ½ Cup Salt

    1 ½ TBSP Oil

    Mix together in large cooking pot, and then stir in 3 cups water. Place on medium heat stirring constantly until solid ball forms and the ‘wet’ dough disappears.

    Place on parchment paper on the counter top. Divide into how many colours you want (I made four).

    Add your food colouring.

    Let cool on the counter, kneading occasionally to let the heat out. Once cool put in air tight containers.

    I find my play-dough lasts a few months at least.