• Marion

    Monday, July 23, 2012

    In the morning warmth of her garden, eating her hand baked love,
    I reflected back to the beginning of a friendship that was to shape me so deeply

    I would never be the same...
    Sometime during the mid of those rough teen years I fell helplessly behind in Math.

    Through the whole twelve years of learning numbers there was only one good thing that came from math.

    And that was a friendship of the dearest sweetest type.

    She was a math tutoring extraordinary.

    Week after week as I laboured through hopelessness at her kitchen table I watched her do life

    Making bread to sell to support missions,

    Preparing meals for a family facing hard times,

    Cookies for a bundle of kids she would care for after school,

    Painting rooms so there was space for elderly family,

    Long bike rides with her sons,

    Always ~ always serving!

    Always ~ always time for me!

    It was watching Marion’s life as a teen I realized what true generosity was. It was giving sincerely to Every person. It was being the light of love in often very humble situations with no thought of personal gain.

    This was Marion!

    And I decided then that if I could be like any single person on earth, I would want to model her.

    My first baby girl has her name and I pray often that my Baby Marion will know how to love like her ‘Aunty’ Marion.

    Spending a year under Marion’s tutoring changed me; the example of her life altered my ambitions and led me closer to God and his desires for my future. Her friendship has been a true gift from heaven.

    I will always esteem you Marion

    Thank you

     ~ Thank you ~