• Heartland

    Tuesday, July 31, 2012

    On the very land my childhood was lived
    Now nurtures and nests eleven of my cousins
    One fine pair of parents
    An Aunt and Uncle
    To my heart


    For one week I parked my ‘home on wheels’ a few feet from the
    warm rugged welcome of their front door,
    hinged constant by my entering.
    It has always been in the everyday life that this family’s story rings purest.
    Early morning words slipping through the slight open of a kitchen door
    A hushed holiness as a Father spoke in his kind, deliberate voice
    The words of his heavenly father over a table full of children.
    I cried silently behind that door,
    Awash with the wonder of love.
    It was a caught cuddle curled together in the cozy of the afternoon
    While crazy wild ran with the others
    A mother’s stroking hand along the falling tendrils of a blond babe.
    Loves Poetry
    written in patients,
    Love made alive
    Through the lives of others.