• Friday's Treat

    Friday, August 12, 2011

    ~ Mama and babes are loving the chilling summer menu. Our treats are coming cool and refreshing these days~

    Berry Best Pops (with some hidden goodness)

    (A mesh of a few of my favorite pop recipes)
    This recipe makes 6 pops

    1 cup water

    1 tbsp. lemon juice

    2 pitted dates
    Because I have these flash forwards of my adult children blaming all their issues on me and the fact that I hid Swiss chard and other wonders in their treats, denying them of a ‘normal’ childhood. I decided to splurge and add a few tbsp. of honey… Honey can resolve just about any issue; it’s solve- all powers rival that of duct tape!
    2 tbsp. honey

    2 fresh peaches or bananas

    2 cups dark berries (fresh or frozen)

    2 cups Swiss chard or other dark leafy vegetable

    1 tsp. spirulina or other herb, I have been adding some of the dried herbs I have been collecting over the summer.

    Layer in blender as listed. Blend really well or until all evidence of vegetable has been removed.

    Freeze and enjoy!