• Cotswold Country

    Friday, May 27, 2011

    Stone cottages with it’s clusters of fragrant vines and front gardens of heritage Victorian blooms ~ fancies my romantic nature. Sweeping green country sides, dotted with sheep farms and it’s spring lambs, rock walls climbing and twisting along fields and forest, bramble hedged charm, meadow’s of wild flowers, are but a few of the Cotswold delights.

    Dare I rival this patchwork county charm against my other European favourites…

    Tuscany? Provence? Amsterdam?

    For me there is an obvious love.

    One where modern time takes a humbled bow to the slow farming pace, nature the art, flowers the master piece, history the foundation and country is your life.

    I wish to hold my breath ~ capture these wonders ~ infusing some English inspiration into my life...