• Cotswolds

    Sunday, May 15, 2011

    Far from the equator I find beauty lands ~ illustrious green and spring’s blossoms.

    Nature settles my longing heart again…

    Tucked neatly behind hedgerows, climbing vines and enchantment is our 17century~farm cottage.

    My girls were instantly lost behind a stone walled meadow, emerging just long enough to gift handfuls of wildflowers.
    I in the breezes whisper between trees and the constant sweet warbles of the country bird.
    Roger ~ ancient architecture and winding cobble streets.

    Today we walked ~ sipped tea ~ and savoured sweets.

    All is delightful in this quaint Cotswold town.
    (My second part of ‘Africa Living’ has been rolling around in my thoughts, there was just no spare time to share. Give me a few weeks of holidays and then I will put to pen the positives!)