• Friday, August 6, 2010

    Dear Curly Top,

    I was dreaming of our up coming time together. Sunshine dancing in your blond bounce while the heavens hush for your enchanted giggle. I thought we would linger at a child height, have tea in August’s balm, as sisters ought. Now that little spots interrogating your skin have appeared, I will need to wait to be with you! Your nephew is just a tad little to host your red patterns. Sorry Love.

    I did have a lovely little chinwag with Dr.Dill. We had a lot of things to catch up on. Like how delightful you are now and how adorable you were as a little babe fresh out of heaven then how tragic it was when we had to shave your blond ringlets to save your life and how we all held our breath through your recovery. We held our breath and you held our hearts… That’s why it is hard for any one of us to see sweet-sibling-nine suffer!

    His prescription for your currant state of poxes is same as always

    1000 kisses from your oldest sister!

    Love you always