• Blood Analysis

    Wednesday, August 4, 2010

    It has been a wild goose chase these last months trying to figure out my health. My blood has been tested more times then I can count. After vigorous attempts to find the source of my fluctuating iron levels my wonderful Doctor said she could not figure me out! Off to a haematologist I was being sent. Of course the specialist can not see me until long after I return to Nigeria. I called my N.D who suggested I see a Blood Analysis. Yesterday my blood was analysed… gross... but very enlightening. There are some nasty little critters striving on the organic diet I am feeding them. I guess they are a souvenir of me exotic travels. Apparently my spleen is infected from the visitors I have floating around and thus the reason I am unable to absorb and stabilise my iron.

    It is awful to see physically what is going on inside. I am relieved to have direction and hopefully I can cleanse my body back to health!