• New Years...New Stuff

    Sunday, January 11, 2009

    My little ladies are having a sleep-in morning and I will take this magically quiet morning moment to upload some photos of New Year’s...new stuff around my home.

    Marion still snug in bed.

    Outside the tranquility of my home a natural annoyance is taking place. Harmattan dust that sweeps over Nigeria. This is sand blowing in from the sahara dessert. Harmattan lasts three months and is overwhelming. We dust our home three times a day...sneeze a million and still we feel dusty!

    This is what I see from my kitchen window, what looks like fog is the dust!

    Also on the roads is another interest; a new law enforcing motorbike taxis to use helmets. As you can see, construction hard-hats will do and holding the helmet above the hair style works also. Safety is always low on the list in Nigeria!

    My front door wreath updated for the new-year.

    Mr. & Mrs. Birdie.

    Art wall.

    Marion’s bed net...drops of love mobile. I told her that the hearts sprinkle ‘Mommy love dust’ all over her while she sleeps!

    I made some wonderful lip balm to nourish our African sun kissed lips. I made them to smell of geranium and honey. Marion was so amazed that I was able to make lip balm. With amazement in her eye’s she kept making comments like “wow mom, your so handy”, “Davina can you believe mommy knows how to make lovely make-up?” I felt so adored by my sweet little girl.

    My girls added their cute fingerprints.

    While Marion was scrolling through our blog this week, Roger and I both had to laugh at the many pictures of Davina with 'off limits' candy. A few people asked if I allowed Davina to eat that whole candy bar...OFCOURSE NOT PEOPLE! We captured the moment on photo then hastily removed the majority of it from her...I would never want to witness Davina on full-blown sugar!

    Now what would a blog post be without a spunky picture of Davina? So here it is...

    Davina thrilled to have just dumped a thousand or so hair clips and elastics all over her room!

    And here are the promised photos of my new nephews.

    Memphis: Son to Josh and my siter Katherine

    Conor: Son to my brother Jason and Shannon

    Case, Dallas and baby Conor: My brothers three strapping young sons!