• Working in The Field

    Sunday, April 6, 2008

    South Eastern Nigeria is where most of our oil is produced here. I'll be working mostly in Lagos, but my boss wanted me to get to know everyone out here and spend some time offshore. There's not too much to do here as we have to stay on the compound. To compensate for the lack of freedom, most people seem to work around the clock. Other than work, there is the usual tennis courts, gym, and pools. The restaurant is quite nice and they have events like pizza night and BBQ night. There's also lots of Canadians here right now so there's always someone to have dinner with.

    Again, all my pics are from my room or from the car, so its hard to get good shots of what it's really like.

    Calabar is close to the Cameroon border. The flight from Lagos to Eket was booked, so I had to go this round-a-bout route that took most of the day. It doesn't matter how far you book ahead, everything here seams planned at the last minute.

    Flying into Eket.

    Views from my room.

    Typical home.


    Everything here is in disrepair. Nothing looks finished.

    Petrol Station.

    Goats for sale.