• Dinning Room

    Tuesday, March 3, 2015


    For some time now I have been looking forward in a hopeful way to post more pictures of our home (weeks actually) but truly it has been near impossible to have the house clean and a free moment to take pictures, 
    all that wonder occurring at the same time… 
    not here in this home, 
    nope I think not! 
    Honestly I thought you may all have to wait until we send a few of these babies off to college or something… 
    thankful the seas parted and ‘miracle of all miracles’ the house stayed clean for a full ten minutes allowing me to capture a few more pictures of our lovely new home. 

    This room is a pure joy for this large family mama! So many chairs and they all fit around a amply suited harvest table. 
    This room has wonderful french doors that lead to the kitchen and then a second set that lead to the front entrance room. 
    There is beautiful natural light that streams into this room from its many windows. 
    I loved the built in hutch from the moment I set eyes on it! 

    In this room we painted the walls, replaced the wood floors and decorated… 
    with a  slightly (much) larger table then our previous table, that one we thought would fit our family for a lifetime… 
    three babies later and we needed something, ahem… larger! 

    My idea for this room was to keep it neutral in hardware (paint and furniture) so I could change the colour with transitional pieces depending on seasons or celebrations.
     With that in mind I wanted a warm (but very light) gray/beige colour for the wall. 
    So far I have been pleased, it looked nice with the pinks for the girls birthdays, blues for the boys, ambers and oranges through autumn and of course my staple love of white and greens. 

    After the meal we take time to pray together as a family. 
    I wanted a way to remember all those whom we pray for and also a place to write our prayer requests. 
    I hung a large chalkboard on the wall and it is here we list the things we want to cover as a family in prayer. 
    After the meal each of us choose something off the board to pray over, 
    this has been a wonderful method of remembering and encouraging prayer within our family. 
    A constant reminder and beautiful call to prayer.

    Now I wish I could host you, gather and enjoy my kindred.  
    Though I love this space I know true joy would come if I could share it with those I treasure, 
    to whom I miss daily!  




    {From the Kitchen}

    { It never looks like this when real life is going on!}

     {From the Front Entrance}