• Savor the Awe

    Friday, June 27, 2014


    It has been a glorious three weeks soaking in the tender moments of infancy. Time seems to be slipping by all to swiftly. The first days of new life are behind us. There has been growth and change. I have held on to every moment,  with an ache of a love that knows this stage is fleeting.
    He has been in arms, wrapped in a sling, deep hours of night are spent with him peacefully beside me his sweet breathing the lullaby of my nights.

    He is perfectly contented with the sway of my movements the rhythmic comfort of my heartbeat, the scent of my skin and the gentle brush of my nurturing kiss. These are the earliest declarations of love, the way to seep love deep into the newborn soul, long before language and the formation of words. This is His place, 
    cradled safely among the comforts of motherhoods gifts. 
    It is perfect. 

    Every once in a while I must lay him down to attend to life around me, and when these rare moments take place I have a delightful little spot in the corner of my kitchen where the sun pours in and the hum of family life is constant. The bassinet was gifted to me by a friend who knew I loved white and wicker and the soothing sound the rocking makes upon the hard wood, it is aged with memories of bygone days. When I lay my little one down I wonder at the mothers who used it during the century before, romantic notion, I know.  

    In a world where infancy is rushed, and romance, the falling into love, is hushed away, silenced by busy. I am grateful that my Heavenly Father has lead me to understand that Holiness breaths life into a heart, a home a family. And when a miracle happens, we are to slow, to savour the awe of it, and tenderly embrace the gift.