• Lunar Phases (A Less Serious Lesson)

    Friday, January 24, 2014

    I am taking off for warmer weather and coastal air. For the first in my life I am leaving all my babies and husband behind... for a whole week! I will be spending my moments with some of my favorite west-coasters.

    Our school room has been in a flurry of extra projects and pages and a few fun tastes, in preparation for taking a week away from structured learning.

    This moon-phase project was a winner with my students! They all know the Lunar phases and the Latin terms most accurately now, along with the lesser known  vocabulary for the moon cycle using highly intelligent terms such as quarter oreo, or gibbous chocolate! We were driving as a family a few evenings ago and our six year old started explaining in 'cookie' terms exactly what stage the evenings moon was in, my poor engineer husband, he did not know quite how to handle the moment, wondering what exactly goes on in our gabled school-room all day!

    My somewhat hesitant reply was,

    'We were having fun!'