• Living Apothecary

    Tuesday, July 9, 2013

    Last evening’s wooded stroll on earthy paths was walking a living apothecary

    Such abundance

    It must be the way the rains have fallen soaking each seeds to life or its cool moist holding back a bloom

    The forest floor has exhaled together
    Giving life

    Early we headed to the woods, gentle in care, we foraged a winters worth of health.





    Stinging Nettle


    Prairie Rose

    Sheep Sorrel

    As the sun sailed direct above we laid our harvest out to dry by summer’s warmth.

    This year I took to a new herbal, I contemplated this manual for some time; near the close of this school year I figured this teaching mama could use a little gift to herself.  There is always some wisdom to gather when reading the words of mastery. Beverly Gray has given me a gift through her writing’s in The Boreal Herbal. This one speaks the ways of my woods, right down our lane over the hills and into the fields that we call home. It tells of the plants that make a carpet lush and bountiful around these parts, healing gifts.

    Gracious and Generous.