• Amaris Anne

    Monday, October 8, 2012

    We are so honoured to introduce to you our new baby girl, third daughter and fifth child
    Amaris Anne

    Born in the mid if summers glory with all of Canada in celebration on July 1st 2012

    Placed in our arms and forever into our family through the beautiful gift of adoption on September 25th 2012.

    Nothing prepared us for the moment Amaris captured our hearts as a daughter and has us held in awe of a wondrous God who drew us together as family.

    I believe she has been baptised daily by her parent`s tears of joy.

    The meanings of her name prays Gods goodness over her

    Amaris ~ God has promised
    Anne ~ Grace

    God has promised Grace

    The name Amaris was given to her at birth but holds a confirmation of God`s hand in the molding of our lives as Roger and I had the hope and pray that someday we could christen a daughter Amaris. And Anne, after Roger`s Mother and Sister, My Mother and Sister and my dearest friend Anna.

    Our hearts and lives are so full.

    We are in humbled and such grateful thanks to our loving God, for knowing just how to bless us.