• For the Love of Projects

    Tuesday, September 4, 2012


    A few weeks ago I had the joy of spending a Saturday morning going to some garage sales with my sister in-law. I saw a beautiful frame that with a little paint would have all the details I love, but I passed it by thinking as to when I would have time to work on another project. My sister in-law mentioned it and encouraged me to buy it, she knew there was a perfect project there. This week I went to make it into a chalk board to hang above my master bed, though I searched high and low my chalk board paint was no-where to be found! I have my suspicions that Roger saw a beat up can of black paint and “took care of my garbage”! Well I was in the mood for change and so I revamped my ideas and made a ‘places we’ve been together’ art. I gave the frame a fresh spray of white paint. I have had the map for years and cannot remember where I bought it, most likely I got it at a garage sale. I glued the hearts on twine and strung it across the frame. I like it, Roger loves it.  I can still see myself making it into a chalk board but for now it updates our room and adds a splash of uniqueness to our master room.

    Cost was in the all-time lows

    Frame $1.00

    Half can of white spray paint $1.50

    Map (I cannot remember the price so let me say ) $5.00

    Twine $.50 cents

    Eight bucks was well worth the fun!