Friday, May 25, 2012


    Two years ago a treasure was placed in my arms, filling my heart.

    Two years I have watched the world dance excitedly through the bold brown of his eyes.

    Two years I have held the hand of energy, adventure, humour and determination.

    He is my little man in the making and has me fully captivated and committed, heart and soul!

    I think daily of the person he is shaping to be. Daily I I pray for the man he is to become.


    A leader whose heart is humbled before God

    Compassionate to others.


    Knows the affairs of his country and votes confidently!

    Laughs heartily, cry deeply, loves fully.

    Respects his Mama, listens to his Dad, protects his sisters and guides his brother.

    Captures but one ladies heart and gives his fully to her in return.

    Loves and cares for her all the days of their life.

    Raises a whole broad of grandbabies… to be a chip of the old block!

    My deepest prayer for my dearest Lachlan!

    Happy Two Years Son