• Groceries

    Thursday, January 26, 2012


    Every Family has a different method of grocery shopping; you would think my main goal would be to simply purchase food. Not so my friends it is to KEEP LACHLAN AWAY from all stores! Seeing as we are thirty-five minutes to the closest Super-Store, a fifty minute drive from the Health food store and an hour to Costco, lopping Lachlan into travel and shopping, well let me just say our weekly grocery shopping brought out the ‘best in me’!  While living abroad we would shop and take a years’ worth of dry goods into one shipment. I learnt exactly what our families food needs were and decided to do the same thing here on Canadian soil in hopes of avoiding the shops as much as possible. I ordered a years’ worth of dry goods from a distributer that supplies health food stores. By buying bulk we cut our food costs which afforded room in our food budget to purchase our meats organic and local, in which we bought bulk bringing the meat cost down.  A couple times a month Roger and I buy the produce on our date night ultra-romantic, I know! I store all the bulk food in our basement and restock my small kitchen pantry when needed. It has been such a relief having all my foods on hand despite the fact that it is an eye sore and most people wonder at my sanity!