• For the love of books!

    Thursday, July 30, 2009

    Today I read to Marion for an hour, I stopped as my mouth turned to sandpaper, only to have Marion tell me "she hardly got to read enough books"! She then told me that her "best world would be if Grandma Milner lived on one side of her house and Grandma Alice on the other, so they can read to me, and a library and bookstore across the road!" To say we love to read would be on the side of understatement!

    I will introduce to you our most loved children’s books. I could have shared hundreds more of our 'favourites'. As difficult as it was, I managed to narrow it down to our VERY, VERY favourites!

    The Seven Silly Eaters By: Mary Ann Hoberman
    No book comes close to this book. It makes you laugh out loud and as a parent, realise fully what your job is about. This book is familiar to children in word and picture. Kids love finding things in the pictures that they own and I think every kid secretly wish they were part of the Peter's family.

    Brambley Hedge By: Jill Barklem
    In the pages of these books is my ideal world. A world of romance, beauty, country, herbs, family, friends, food, and delightful little treasures. A world where children wear white and you drink from hand painted tea cups while gazing out to sea. My girls play Brambly Hedge...it sparks their imaginations and intrigue...enough to re-in-act.

    Miss Rumphis By:Barbara Cooney
    Any thing written or painted by Barbara Cooney is wonderful. We love all of her other books, but this one we read the most...we are on our second copy...we wore out the first copy in two years!

    Town Mouse Country Mouse By: Jan Brett
    In this book you almost wish you were a mouse and get lost in the wonderful detail of the words and pictures

    Jeremiah Learns to Read By: Jo Ellen Bogart
    This book has a wonderful way of making you love to read all the more. It captures the gift and magic and treasures hidden in the words of a book. It is simple and stunning.

    The Whales Song By: Dyan Sheldon
    The pictures in this book pull and capture you completely. These pictures alone make you be part of the emotions of the story. I will find Marion wistfully starring at these pictures for a long time...time enough to..feel...the story

    The End.

    You can click on the pictures to enlarge...to see the details.